Stock investment Threat

Capital loss( drop in share price)
Although in stock investment you have the occasion to get a fantastic quantum of capital earnings, but the threat of capital loss or a decline in stock prices is necessary. This is presumably one of the biggest pitfalls in investing in stocks.
In discrepancy to gold investment, where the price decline is fairly small, the price decline in stock investment can be like a free fall.

Not only the decline in stock prices, as a stock investor you also have the occasion to be dismissed by the stock exchange. What does “ dismissed ” mean? What this means is that you can no longer trade or make deals. But in general, the suspense will last for a short time, videlicet one trading day. still, it’s also possible that the suspense will last for days. There are several reasons that make the stock exchange stop trading in a company, videlicet

Stock prices have dropped drastically in a short time
Company void by creditors
The company doesn’t give the conditions requested by the stock exchange authority, similar as not furnishing fiscal reports until the specified time.
Tips for starting a profitable stock investment
Starting a profitable stock investment isn’t easy. Surely there will be a myriad of considerations that you need to go through first and of course careful planning. But indeed so, making a profitable investment is also not insolvable. Well, for those of you who are still new to it, there are several way you need to take in order to make a profitable stock investment. Then are stock investment tips for newcomers.

1. Get to know stock investment products
One of the keys to profitable stock investments, especially for those of you who are still new, is to noway make rash or hasty opinions. The world is sophisticated. You can learn about colorful effects with just a smart phone or computer. Well, you can use this to learn and add sapience.

Find out first about what a stock is and what are the pitfalls and benefits of investing in the stock itself. In addition, do not forget to identify and study the stock investment products presently available. Every securities company clearly imposes conditions and has different conditions, and this is your main task, which is to learn as important stock investment as possible.
2. Choose a securities company
The coming step towards a profitable stock investment is choosing a securities company. Investors can not incontinently open a stock account on the IDX, but they must choose a securities company that acts as an conciliator in dealing and buying shares as well as an investment director.

In Indonesia itself, there are relatively a number of securities companies that serve as a place for investors to buy shares. Some are possessed by the government, BUMN, public private sector, to those possessed by foreign companies. For newcomers, the presence of a series of being securities companies will clearly be an handicap in itself. occasionally you’ll witness a dilemma or confusion about which securities company is the stylish. So, so as not to be confused, there are some tips that you can follow in choosing a securities company, videlicet

Companies that have been registered and cooperate with the IDX
Companies located closest to your home or easy to reach
A company that’s known to have a good character
In addition, it’s also important to compare the services and freights charged by each securities company. You also need to decide whether the securities company you choose will only act as a broker( conciliator) or as an investment director( having the power to control investments).

3. produce a Stock Account
The third step to making a profitable stock investment is to open a stock account at the securities company you have chosen. Opening an account itself isn’t much different from opening a savings regard at a bank, where you’re needed to fill in some particular data accompanied by a photocopy of your identity and a savings regard book.

In addition, opening a stock account in a securities company generally also requires original capital. There are securities companies that bear a minimal balance of IDR 5 million, but some are lower or indeed advanced. The actuality of this demand is indeed related to the stock purchase demand of at least 1 lot( 100 shares). Well, if the original deposit is considered too precious, no need to worry. Because there are several securities companies that bear an original deposit of only Rp. Just 100 thousand. You just need to choose the right securities company.

4. Choose stocks
Now, after you have a stock account, the coming step is to buy the number of shares you want. It’s just that, please note that you also can not just buy it. Look for a place to invest in stocks that are profitable but also have the least threat.

In choosing the right stock, you need to first dissect the condition of the company whose shares will be bought. Is the company still in good health and growing? And do not forget to pay attention to the map of the stock price in question so that you can determine the right time to buy the stock. To find out which stocks are listed as well as their price movements, you can directly visit the IDX website. Not only that, you can also ask the securities company you choose to give some recommendations on how to invest in profitable stocks.
5. How to buy shares
There are two ways you can buy shares, videlicet through a broker or online.

Through a broker, you only need to ask the broker( where you open a stock account) to make the most applicable share purchase.
Through online, you can buy your own shares through the Online Stock Trading System handed by the broker to its guests, which must also be installed on both computers and widgets.