Learn Investing Early, What Are the Benefits?

I don’t have my own income. Snack money is still waiting for the disbursement of funds from parents. However, who says we can’t start investing. Don’t think it’s too early to get to know the world of the capital market. Warren Buffett, a major US entrepreneur and investor, bought his first stock at the age of 11. And, he felt it was too late to start investing.

Learning from Buffett, we can begin to get acquainted with the world of investment. The trick is to start learning to invest. For example, investing through the world of capital markets. Make no mistake, with minimal funds, it can actually be our capital to invest in a company through this capital market.

For those of you who want to start planning investment from an early age, but don’t have much capital, there’s no need to worry. Now, since January 6, 2014, to open a capital market account, stock transactions can be started with an initial deposit of IDR 200 thousand. The advantages of being a capital market participant or as an investor are many. For the wider community in a country, of course the functioning of the capital market will support overall economic growth.

Benefits for us personally who conduct stock transactions in the capital market, including as a means to optimally allocate sources of funds and provide long-term financing sources. This is certainly very useful for the younger generation who will become industry players in the future.

In addition to planning to enter the world of capital markets, both of them have other ways to invest that are also profitable. One of them, namely gold investment. Besides being a precious metal, gold is a means to save money. If one day we need funds, we can sell them.

Of course, if we sell gold at the right time, namely when the price increases, of course we can make a profit. For example, we buy gold for the first time, which is Rp. 500 thousand per gram. After some time, for example, the price of gold changes to IDR 800 thousand per gram, so we can get a profit of IDR 300 thousand from the initial capital that we spend.

Not only gold investment, another profitable way to invest is by trading. Offering products or services that are happening or dominate the market can be a useful source of additional income for the future. Another profitable investment for me is selling. However, we must first know what we want to sell. If the goods or services dominate the market, the profits will automatically be large and can continue to increase.

Get an Adrenaline with Stocks

Financial planning must be done from a young age. He also added that students themselves are classified as middle class or disposable income. The characteristics of the middle class cannot be silent, and cannot see idle money, so they will invest their money in various forms.

It is very good if young people from the beginning have been introduced to the mechanism of the exchange. In this way, students can learn while increasing their income. Students are the most creative and ideal people to play stocks so there is no need to be afraid of losing.

He revealed, in the stock market there is a certain minimum nominal if you want to invest so that young people just have to adjust it. With just a few hundred thousand, we can learn to invest in the capital market.

This Mechanical Engineering graduate from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) suggested, if young people really want to learn to play in the capital market, then invest in the stock market. Don’t even choose to invest in mutual funds or gold.

When technology is advanced like now, playing stocks for young people is even easier, because it can be directly monitored from a smartphone. Plus, on the stock market too, the adrenaline of students can be more motivated.

Investment through mutual funds is usually done by entrepreneurs who already have a lot of money, but don’t want to bother and wait for results. In fact, some people invest their money in various places at the same time, both in the stock exchange, mutual funds, property, gold, and others.

However, students cannot make such an investment, because their income is not much, so they have to choose one. So, if you want to learn the capital market and be more challenging, playing stocks is the right choice.

Financial Free

Who doesn’t want to be financially free from a young age? Financial planner, Yuswohady, said that currently investing in the capital market has become a trend among students. According to him, young people already have the courage, because they are driven by the desire to be financially free at a young age.

Financial freedom itself is a condition that does not need to think about finances, because the person no longer needs to work for money. It is money that works for him. Yuswohady revealed that now many young people plan to reach that state at the age of 40.

Author of more than 40 books on finance and marketing i Ni also explained, now there are 60 percent of people who are in the middle class, including students. He added that students’ knowledge of investment has also increased thanks to the internet. “Students can learn on their own, understand the technique and how, then apply it via the internet,” he said.

So if the money is there, the technique is there, then we can start investing. Yuswohady reminded, don’t let the money earned from your hard work go idle, let alone be used for extravagance. In other words, investing must be done early, even though at the beginning you may not immediately get a profit, but that doesn’t mean you stop immediately. N c91

Don’t Hungry Eyes

To start investing, you definitely need capital. Even if it’s a small amount, we as young people need to set aside money so that it can then be allocated as a source of funds in the future. Raisha Saufa said that she has her own way to save some of her pocket money and save money from consumptive behavior. First, he sets aside 35 percent of his pocket money every week.

Second, he tries not to starve his eyes. This is by not spending a lot of money on things that are not needed.

“Especially the girls who are often hungry to buy things that they find cute and interesting but are not useful. If we can reduce looking at online shops, it is easy for us to be like that,” said Raisha. He also emphasized that saving money, either at an ATM or manually, must be able to calculate and remember well what expenses we have taken from savings.

It would be nice, if we have an ATM to determine the day and the amount of money that can be taken. Not only that, we also have to evaluate the details of the costs incurred every week or month, as well as what is needed in that time period.

Lulu Diana also said she tried to refrain from eye hunger disease. This is mainly refraining from wanting to buy expensive foods at restaurants, even though we are already full. “We have to restrain ourselves of course for food as well as items that we often encounter when traveling. If not, how can you save money,” Lulu said